Our employees


Portrait Dr. med. Stephan Steuer

Dr. med. Stephan Steuer

Head of emergency services

Portrait Dr. med. Rico Ehms

Dr. med. Rico Ehms

Lead consultant

Portrait Dr. med. Friedemann Roos

Dr. med. Friedemann Roos

Lead consultant

Portrait Dr. med. Sibylle Felber

Dr. med. Sibylle Felber


Portrait Dr. med. Christina Manke

Dr. med. Christina Manke


Portrait  Jonas Gysel

Jonas Gysel

Senior consultant ward

Portrait  Carmen Stricker

Carmen Stricker

Head of nursing care

Contact Emergency

Claraspital Emergency

Claraspital's emergency department is open 365 days a year and is available 24 hours a day:

Phone +41 61 685 83 70
Mail: notfall@claraspital.ch