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The diagnosis of a tumour is a life-changing event. The oncology service at Claraspital does everything possible to manage this situation and to respond to the patient's individual needs. It goes without saying that the treatment provided is of the highest specialist standard. We also offer supportive therapies and, if required, palliative care under the same roof. Patients who have been diagnosed with cancer may be unsure whether the therapy that has been suggested is in fact suitable for their condition. We believe that patients with a life-threatening disease have a right to a second opinion and offer advice in such cases.

The growing number of therapeutic options for specific types of tumour necessitates close collaboration between various specialists. We hold conferences, known as the interdisciplinary tumour board, at which we develop a joint treatment concept and a recommendation for the best possible approach to therapy.

The range of haematology services we offer also includes the diagnosis and therapy of other blood disorders.

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