Out-patient therapy

The out-patient oncological and heamatological department is part of the tumour centre at Claraspital. This is where oncological and haematological therapies are administered on an out-patient basis. We administer chemotherapy, antibody therapy, hormone therapy and blood products. The doctors and nurses who work at the centre combine outstanding expertise with a high level of social competence in caring for their patients. Our concern is to provide you with optimal therapy tailored to your individual needs, to respect you as a person, and to make your stay with us as brief and pleasant as possible.

In our oncology and haematology consultations we discuss how you are currently feeling, how the therapy is working and what we will be doing next. Depending on the diagnosis, a consultation may be followed by drug therapy. This is generally administered in the form of an infusion or an injection and lasts between a few minutes and several hours. A practiced and experienced team of nurses ensures that the therapy is administered safely and smoothly and will be happy to answer any questions you may have about possible side effects or taking medication at home.

We make sure that you are cared for by the same doctor and the same nurse throughout your treatment, ensuring continuity in the care you receive from us. If you wish, you may bring someone with you to the consultations and therapy sessions.

The teams of doctors and nurses work closely together, ensuring that procedures are finely coordinated. Both teams are supported by the out-patient case management office, which organizes diagnostic procedures and appointments.

Our psycho-oncological service and our pastoral service are available should you require support in difficult situations.

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