Art therapy

"My originality belongs to the soil rather than to the seed … Sow a seed in my soil and it will grow differently than it would in any other soil."

Ludwig Wittgenstein,
Culture and Value

Methods in art therapy


Characters experienced in dreams, mystical animals and unfathomable events can all be very frightening. In art therapy, the patient can express dreams on a sheet of paper. For a moment the cause of the fear can be captured.

The client can modify and transform what he or she has experienced by modifying the form on paper.


A client repeatedly works a small, fragile clay figure with his hands, tears streaming down his face, evidently in torment.

"He looks so ugly and so damaged." After a while, after contemplation and discussions, the young man says, "I was glad I got this figure, there's so much good in it."


A patient lies in bed, her knees drawn up to her body. She is sad and in great pain. We look at pictures together. When she sees a picture of an animal she begins to breathe deeply. The room is filled with sighs. Sounds of pain.

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