Art therapy

"There is an age at which you teach what you know, then comes another at which you teach what you don't know: that's what we call research."


Roland Barthes

The path of life

The things we experience as a result of illness are many and varied, sometimes stressful and never of our own free choice. Art therapy is an environment in which the patient attempts to relocate the path of life which has suddenly been diverted, interrupted, and has become invisible in the mists of suffering.

The journey

The new situation needs to be investigated, the patient sets out on a journey into the unknown, accompanied and directed by his or her own creativity and the therapeutic setting.

A world in pictures

The individual's creative powers enable him or her to express internal and external images using artistic media.

Taking on shape

The things happening inside a person's soul can be communicated and taken to a different level of awareness in the course of therapeutic conversations.

This therapy is offered for

  • in-patients and out-patients receiving treatment at Claraspital
  • relatives and people close to the patient
  • the patient's children

Group therapy

  • Ongoing, open groups, people can join at any time
  • Themed group therapy in blocks of six meetings

Individual therapy 

  • Individual therapy by appointment


No previous skills or knowledge are required for art therapy.


If you're interested, please talk to your doctor. You can also obtain more information from and register with the art therapist directly.

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