Pastoral care

Claraspital's pastoral team see themselves as someone for people in hospital to talk to. They are there for patients and their families and take time to follow their concerns. Religious topics, prayer and Christian rites are all available, but by no means mandatory. Pastoral care is provided in an atmosphere of ecumenical openness and is available to anyone who needs a listening ear.

Our employees


Our offer

Personal meeting

Would you like to have a personal meeting, then please have a nurse or relative let us know. We will be happy to visit you in your room. At your request, we can also arrange contact with your home of residence parish or congregation.


The Claraspital chapel on the 2nd floor is open to you at all times as a place of peace. Services also take place here, to which you are warmly welcome. Please inform your nurse if you need help getting there.

Liturgical services

Church services take place on a regular basis in the chapel. Notices regarding this are posted in all wards.

Communion and anointing of the sick

We will be happy to bring the communion to your room. Please inform the nursing staff if you would like to receive this sacrament in your room.

The anointing of the sick is an important strengthening in times of severe illness. Please inform your nursing staff if you would like to receive this sacrament.

Other confessions and religions

We would be happy to contact and call clerics from other religions or confessions on your behalf.


Contact Claraspital

Our business hours run from Monday to Friday 8 am to 5 pm. Outside the phone times our reception is manned around the clock.


T: 061 685 85 85