Quality of care means that

  • patients feel that they are being treated as a person with a unique personality.
  • expectations are met by the range of services offered, and reasons are given when expectations cannot be met.
  • the range of nursing services offered is based on the latest findings.
  • nursing care is planned, communicated, performed skilfully, checked and adapted as required.

How we develop and ensure the quality of our care

  • Since 1997 the nursing service has also had a concept for quality standards which are under constant review by the nursing staff and enable them to improve the care they provide. This concept was awarded top marks during an external certification audit in 2014.
  • Feedback from patients is taken seriously and incorporated into measures to improve our service.
  • Written documentation recorded by both nurses and doctors is an important element in ensuring patient safety, continuity of care and the satisfaction of all concerned.
  • A targeted induction and in-service training concept for our employees, written nursing and interdisciplinary guidelines and tried and tested, institutionalized procedures contribute to ensuring quality.
  • A motivated team that works well together is the basis for good quality of care. We support team processes with various forms of team-building activity and transparent information.

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