Hygiene is a fundamental prerequisite for a hospital. It is the lifeblood of our hospital. One of the most important aspects of hospital hygiene is the need to avoid new infections in hospitalized patients, known as nosocomial infections. Sick people are much more susceptible to various disease-causing pathogens, and for this reason both structural aspects and employee behaviour must be optimally focused on this problem area.

Hygiene at Claraspital is managed by a specialist in hospital hygiene and infection prevention. There is also a hygiene committee consisting of representatives from all the specialist areas.

One of the most important elements in the control of nosocomial infections is hand hygiene. Claraspital sets great store by exemplary adherence to the rules of hand hygiene. For this reason compliance with this hygiene measure is monitored, recorded in statistics and evaluated throughout the hospital, in all wards and departments. This key performance indicator shows us where improvements need to be made. We run an internal hand-hygiene campaign every year on the WHO's international day of hand hygiene. We also organize a large number of training sessions throughout the year for employees, covering a wide variety of topics relating to hospital hygiene.

Ultimately, the only way to determine the efficacy of all our measures is to take specific measurements. Since 2010 Claraspital has been participating in the national study to record wound infections managed by SwissNOSO. The hospital hygiene department has also been recording data on hospital infections on a regular and random basis for many years. No accumulation of any specific types of infection or pathogen has been identified.

Only well trained and motivated staff can help to increase safety in the hospital. Our goal is to make sure they are both.

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