What quality means to us

The main elements of total quality are defined in the quality policy operated by Claraspital:

"Total quality should be achieved through personal, individualized and professionally competent therapy, nursing and management marked by good coordination and interdisciplinary team work. For this reason impeccable quality is the goal in all aspects of the hospital's work. Total quality comprises all types and dimensions of the quality of services provided by the hospital."

Extract from the policy statement

The top priority of Claraspital is to offer patients high-quality, comprehensive medical and nursing care. This fundamental approach is underpinned by the hospital's mission statement.

The most important principle underlying our understanding of quality is the need to focus all our efforts on the patients – but also on referring doctors, patients' families, visitors, clients and insurance providers.

Accessibility and continuity

  • Fast, uncomplicated admission for everyone
  • Continuous care
  • Ensuring appropriate follow-on therapy immediately after discharge from the hospital


  • Adherence to all agreements and promises with respect to services, appointments, costs, people, information etc.


  • Avoidance of accidents, infections, complications, treatment errors
  • Use of the available emergency and intensive care facilities

Appropriateness and efficacy

    • The examinations and treatment methods employed are necessary and justified in the light of current medical and nursing knowledge.
    • They are more appropriate than other means and produce the desired success with an acceptable level of risk.

    Economic aspects

      • Short but appropriate length of stay
      • Efficient processes
      • Flexible cooperation
      • High capacity utilization
      • Good value for money


        • An atmosphere of security, respect, dignity, freedom from pain
        • Peace, privacy
        • Sufficient information
        • Human caring
        • Sensitive personal therapy, nursing and care
        • Friendliness, spontaneous and courteous willingness to help
        • Balanced diet
        • Functional facilities, signs
        • Pleasant interior and exterior architecture and room design
        • Needs-appropriate services


          • Skilled employees with integrity
          • Data security and data protection are ensured
          • Safety of valuables
          • Services recorded and billed correctly
          • Competent management of the media
          • Active public relations work
          • Protection of and respect for the individual's personality


          • Innovation and continuous improvement in the range of services offered, equipment, employee management, organization and cooperation with other partners in the health service

          Other important points

          • Management by processes and key performance indicators and establishment of a quality management system
          • The exemplary function of management
          • Striving for continuous improvement in all areas

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