The structure, composition and functions of our bodies are based on the legal form of Claraspital as a incorporate company.


Executive Management

from left to right:

  • Dr. med. Cyril Rosenthaler, Head of Operative Clinic
  • Dominique Schmid, lic. rer. pol. MBA/EMBA, Head of Innovation and Technology Management 
  • Beate Schindler, MBA, Head of Nursing and hospitality
  • Prof. Dr. med. Martin Hoffmann, Head of cross section range
  • Dr. rer. pol. Peter Eichenberger, Director
  • Prof. Dr. med. Dieter Köberle, Head of Medical Clinic
  • Stephan Ebner, lic. rer. pol., Head of Central Services

The long-established culture of consensus among the executive managers has proven its worth and will remain a prominent feature of the hospital's management in the future. Each area of the hospital is represented in the executive management, enabling it to play an active role and participate in the decision-making process.

The Director, Dr. Peter Eichenberger, bears overall responsibility for the running of the hospital.


Board of Directors

from left to right:

  • Daniel Egloff
  • Dr. Balz Stückelberger
  • Dr. Leonz Meyer
  • Dominik C. Walter
  • Sr. Matthia Honold, Provinzrätin, Institut Ingenbohl
  • Dr. Andreas Flückiger
  • Raymond R. Cron, Verwaltungsratspräsident
  • Nevenka Letina
  • Sr. Tobia Rüttimann, Provinzoberin, Institut Ingenbohl
  • Tom Ryhiner
  • Dr. Beat Oberlin, Vizepräsident


  • Raymond R. Cron


  • Dr. Hans-Rudolf Widmer


Since its foundation in 1928, the Claraspital has been owned by the Congregation of the Sisters of the Holy Cross in Ingenbohl.

Until the 1960s most of the nursing care at Claraspital was provided by nuns. Since then the proportion of nursing staff from outside the order has increased continuously.

Today very few Sisters play an active part in work at the hospital, although there are still several representatives of the convent on the Board of Directors.

Coordonnées St. Clara

Nos heures de téléphone sont du lundi au vendredi 8 heures – 17 heures. En dehors des heures de téléphone notre réception est ouverte en permanence.

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