Our employees

Prof. Dr. med. Dieter Köberle

Head of Medical Clinic
Head of Tumor Centre
Deputy Head of Colon Cancer and Pancreatic Cancer Center
Chief physician oncology

Prof. Dr. med. Wolfgang Harms

Head of Tumor Centre
Chief Physician Radiooncology

Physicians of oncology / hematology at a glance

Prof. Dr. med. et Dr. phil. Martin Buess

Deputy Chief Physician

Dr. med. Corinne Cescato-Wenger

Medical director of psychooncology

Dr. med. Monika Ebnöther 

Senior physician

Dr. med. Bernward Niemann

Senior physician


PD Dr. med. Arnoud Templeton 

Senior Consultant


Dr. med. Melanie Löffler-Baumann



Dr. med. Thomas Schmid



Dr. med. Catherine Schill



Dr. med. Claudio Thurneysen



Dr. med. Nina Rogge

Ward's senior doctor palliative medicine


David Hutter

Ward's senior doctor palliative medicine

The radiooncology at a glance


Dr. med. Branka Asadpour

Senior physician


Martin Härtig

Lead medical physicist


Sabine Keller

Lead radiology specialist


Nadine Moll

Lead MPA

Outpatient clinic oncology


Beatrice Moser

Head of nursing outpatient clinic oncology and hematology

Case Management


Sabine Blättler

Head of ambulatory case management oncology/hematology

Psycho-oncological therapies


Dr. med. Andreas Schmid 

Medical director of psycho-oncological support 


Andreas Dörner

Head of psycho-oncological therapies 

St. Clara Research Ltd.


PD Dr. med. Bettina Wölnerhanssen

Head of St. Clara Research LTD

Dr Eva Balmer Tschudin


Dr. med. Katarzyna Mosna-Firlejczyk


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