This data privacy guideline indicates which data St Clara's hospital will collect during your visit to our website and how St Clara's hospital will use these data. Some data saved on our server are data provided by you voluntarily by filling in forms, though other data are collected automatically. St Clara's hospital does not collect any data that may reveal an individual visitor´s identity, unless you yourself transfer your personal data to us. St Clara's hospital does not use technological support targeting the identification of our visitors.

Data automatically collected and saved

Like many other companies, St Clara's hospital uses Performance Measurement in order to improve our website for visitors and to adapt it to their needs. During your visit, St Clara's hospital will automatically collect the following data via your computer and your visit and will save these data temporarily:

  • Domain and Host from which you are using Internet
  • If applicable, address of the website from which you came to our website by a link
  • Date and time of access to our website, duration of visit and pages visited
  • Internet protocol (IP) address of your computer and
  • If applicable, operating system and browser software of your computer

St Clara's hospital may authorize a third party to perform the Performance Measurement described. In doing so, we do not receive any information about the identity of a visitor. We require the third party to respect our data privacy standards, transfer the data in aggregated form, use the collected data for the defined purpose, and then destroy the data.

Some websites of St Clara's hospital save particular information (known as “cookies”) on visitors’ computers. In general, a cookie assigns its own number to a visitor that has no meaning on any other website. Cookies provide information about how, when and how many visitors accessed a website. This technology does not collect identifying data about individual visitors, but this information is available in aggregated form. The purpose of this technology and the information it provides is to assist us in improving our websites. With most Internet browsers, users can choose to refuse cookies in general or to accept them. However, it should be borne in mind that cookies may be necessary in order to use certain functionalities (for example when providing user-specific information) which are offered on the website of ius.focus. You may find further information about cookies on the Internet.

Personal information provided by you voluntarily

We will use data collected from visitors to our website - only if expressly desired by visitors - in order to reply to enquiries, to send emails, and to inform visitors about new contents or services on our websites. If you decide not to receive mailings and/or emails, then please tell us per email or letter. Please indicate your name, address and/or email address. We will make sure to delete your name from our mailing list.

St Clara's hospital uses your personal data only for the purpose indicated by you upon transferring your data. St Clara's hospital does not reveal personal data to other companies or institutions and it does not sell data or exchange data with other companies or institutions without having informed the user and having received his/her explicit permission. Other disclosure only applies if the St Clara's hospital is obliged to reveal and transfer data by law or due to adjudication.

St Clara's hospital reserves its right to change this guideline at any time. The data privacy guideline does not constitute a contractual or other formal right against or on behalf of a party.

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