Claraspital's emergency department is open 365 days a year and is available 24 hours a day:

Emergency number: T +41 61 685 83 70

Number for referring doctors: T +41 61 685 83 33

E-Mail: notfall(at)claraspital.ch

Location plan

For all emergency consultations, please contact your family doctor first. If you can not reach him or her, the central emergency number of the Claraspital is at your disposal. For particularly urgent and life-threatening situations the official call for help emergency number is 144.





Information about waiting times/treatments

In our emergency department, we treat prior to the urgency and severity,  not the time of entry. The screening (triage according to ESI) of the patients is carried out by an experienced emergency care person. Our thorough examinations, diagnostics and discussions with the patients need time. Therefore, there may be waiting times: A comprehensive assessment / treatment often takes up to 3 hours. We ask for your understanding in case of unpleasant long waiting times. If you have questions or if your condition deteriorates while you are waiting, please feel free to contact the nursing staff at any time. 


Our team

We ensure that emergency patients receive ideal interdisciplinary care and are treated. The initial assessment / urgency is carried out by an experienced emergency carer, treatment by doctors and emergency care. All employees are medically trained and experienced in emergency care and work closely with all disciplines.

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