• The registration for a stay in Claraspital is usually done by your family doctor. She or he informs us about your clinical picture and about existing examination results.
  • We offer you the possibility of upgrading to a higher insurance category during your stay. In the case of outpatient treatment, you can also book an inpatient stay. We will be happy to inform you in detail about our upgrade services.
  • Our employees will then send you their office hours in writing or directly their entry date.
  • If you are a patient at Claraspital for the first time or have not been with us for a long time, we need your detailed personal details. Please complete your personal data in the appropriate patient admission according to the on-site team (30 minutes before your appointment with all insurance documents).
  • Your family doctor will receive your medical data, findings and treatment results via our protected electronic medical platform «ClaraPortal». This way, your doctor will be able to inform you promptly and comprehensively about the progress of your treatment during your stay in hospital.
  • On the day of entry for a hospital stay, please contact the reception where you will be picked up.

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Our business hours run from Monday to Friday 8 am to 5 pm. Outside the phone times our reception is manned around the clock.


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