Patients and their families are frequently quite unprepared for a diagnosis of cancer. They may experience fear and anxiety. Nothing is the way it was before. There are often questions that need to be answered, such as: What happens now? What is important to me?

The changes that the new situation brings are a burden for many of the people affected, and they find it difficult to cope without help from others.

This is why Claraspital offers psychological counselling and therapy for patients with oncological diseases and their families. We view ourselves as companions in therapy, ready to listen to your questions and worries and to look for individual solutions with you.

Range of services

Individual counselling

  • Support after the diagnosis has been received
  • Help with getting to grips with the disease
  • Crisis intervention
  • Support in overcoming limitations due to the disease
  • Therapy of anxiety and depression
  • Counselling on existing or new difficulties and conflicts
  • Stress reduction with relaxation and imagination techniques
  • Support during the final phase of life

Services for groups

  • Discussion group
  • Information events

Support for families

  • Individual, couple or family discussions
  • Assistance in coping with emotions
  • Advice and support with problems relating to the disease


  • Music and art therapy at Claraspital
  • Pastoral care at Claraspital
  • Social workers at Claraspital
  • Physical activity for cancer patients, groups instructed by an experienced physiotherapist
  • Out-patient hospice groups
  • Self-help groups
  • Cancer leagues of both Basel cantons
  • Telephone advice centres specially for cancer patients
  • Psychotherapists in the community
  • Social therapists in the community

Contact Claraspital

Our business hours run from Monday to Friday 8 am to 5 pm. Outside the phone times our reception is manned around the clock.


T: 061 685 85 85