Quality management

In the 1990s the hospital set up an internal quality commission which is responsible for ensuring that the ambitious objectives are met on a sustainable basis. The parity committee is composed of managers from the different areas of the hospital.  Overall responsibility for quality management at Claraspital is borne by the executive management. One person on the board of directors is responsible for this area. Today the quality commission views itself as a committee of quality experts with an emphasis on reviewing and planning quality.

The definition of and compliance with standards and internal and external review play a major role in the implementation of the quality policy. Claraspital has decided to join the certification system operated by the sanaCERT foundation. This requires the hospital to implement a basic standard of quality management and seven further standards in specialist areas.

In May 2004, the quality and extent to which this standard was being implemented was first reviewed by peers from sanaCERT, and the results were impressive. Since then, recertification audits have taken place every three years. In April 2014, the sanaCERT auditors gave Claraspital their highest score. All eight of the standards presented received "D" grades or 32 points out of 32.

To ensure continuous development on quality matters, Claraspital has reviewed its existing quality system and will in future endeavour to gear it to the EFQM Excellence Model. This goal will be achieved in stages. Following successful sanaCERT certification in 2014, work is now starting on structuring quality management for ISO 9001 certification for the entire hospital and certification to the German Cancer Society's guidelines for the tumour centre.

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